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What you need to know

Tests serve specific purposes. Understanding how to prepare means knowing the purpose of the test, and how the score will be used. Novella Prep's founder understands testing, having worked for the College Board for over eight years, gaining knowledge and insight about the fundamentals of testing, how they are designed, what they are supposed to do, and what students need to do, to prepare. This insight is unsurpassed and therefore allows Novella Prep instructors to know what to focus upon, how to prepare, and how to integrate instruction and test preparation into a holistic approach. See our menu of test prep services below. 


When preparing for college, one must take either the SAT or ACT to demonstrate a certain skill level and allow for admission officers to see how the skills compare to a student's course selection and grades. As the founder of Novella Prep worked in admissions at a major private university, we know that either test is valid for admission. Some students choose to take both, once, and then prepare for a second or third administration based on which feels more "comfortable" to them. We suggest that students only prepare and study for one, in the end. Preparing for both, over time, can distract from classes and can ultimately water down any smart strategies for any single test. 

We will provide more guidance upon meeting with your son or daughter, and talk through the merits of both exams.

To AP or not to AP

Admission offers were recently surveyed about how much they value AP classes on a high school transcript. Overwhelmingly, they do. Whenever possible, and whenever PSAT scores, instructors, or counselors suggest, we recommend taking AP classes, particularly for areas of interest that could later lead to a college major. 

We are sometimes asked if a "B" in AP is better than an "A" in a standard college prep class, and the answer is neither. A "B" grade means that a student did not master the subject matter, and often, an "A" in a college prep class means that potential existed for a more rigorous class. Ultimately, which classes a student takes, a strategy called course sequencing, requires planning as early as 8th grade to optimize the chances for college admissions.  

SAT Subject Tests

Many colleges require SAT Subject Tests as an additional measure of skill in a given subject area. Often, we find that students did not plan to take the Subject Test in the same year as the class they took that could have best prepared him or her for the test. We suggest developing a standardized test plan that accounts for the suite of tests that your son or daughter will take as early as starting in 10th grade to spread out the testing burden, reduce stress, and plan appropriate preparation and tutoring. 

Because subject tests are not always perfectly aligned to classwork, we encourage a discussion with our experts to talk through how certain tests can demonstrate a focused expertise, and how planning for these tests can avoid inefficient and ineffective last minute cramming.

Regents and other State Tests

Whether in New York State, Connecticut, or other states, students take end of course tests, known as summative tests, to demonstrate subject matter mastery. Although these grades are not critical for admissions, we suggest preparing for these tests as part of a longer term preparation for tests like the SAT and ACT. Why? By sequentially building subject matter mastery, and in coordination with our experts, Novella Prep can identify early which areas to focus upon for state tests like Regents and later, for the SAT. 

Standardized Test Menu


We provide expert private SAT test prep based on the fundamentals that lead to high performance on the redesigned SAT.  


We provide expert private ACT test prep based on the fundamentals that lead to high performance on the ACT.

SAT Subject Tests

Our instructors are subject matter experts in relevant areas to your son or daughter's needs. We prepare students for the following: Math Level 1; Math Level 2; Biology E/M; Chemistry; Physics; English; History; U.S. History; World History; Languages: Referral 

Advanced Placement

We provide accelerated instruction and advanced curriculum concepts to supplement AP in-class instruction and elevate score performance. We prepare students for the following: 

AP Capstone; AP Research; AP Seminar

AP Art History; AP Music Theory; AP Studio Art: 2-D Design; AP Studio Art: 3-D Design; AP Studio Art: Drawing

AP English Language and Composition; AP English Literature and Composition

History & Social Science

AP Comparative Government and Politics; AP European History; AP Human Geography; AP Macroeconomics; AP Microeconomics; AP Psychology; AP United States Government and Politics; AP United States History; AP World History

Math & Computer Science
AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC AP Computer Science A AP Computer Science Principles AP Statistics   


AP Biology AP Chemistry AP Environmental Science AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism AP Physics C: Mechanics AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based   

World Languages & Cultures Referral  

Regents & CMT/CAPT

The core of Novella Prep instruction focuses on the academic fundamentals for which all students are responsible, whether they reside in New York or Connecticut. We prepare students for all state summative tests and are well-versed in understanding Common Core and other state standards as it relates to your son or daughter.


In 10th grade, many students in New York and Connecticut take the PSAT 10, a test designed to provide a score report that can be used to understand better a student's skills in some subjects, and potential for taking future coursework. 

The PSAT/NMSQT is taken as an 11th grader. Unlike some misinformation online, this test is identical to the PSAT 10 exam, but offers the potential for scholarship as well as understanding growth, that is, how a student performed a year later as compared to the first administration. Our instruction focuses primarily on fundamental academic performance as it relates to preparing for these important standardized tests.