Holistic Writing Instruction = Results

Writing Prep

Writing Tutoring

Whether Regents English Language Arts or AP English Literature, holistic academic tutoring requires three main elements: understanding the student's skill, determining what a student has been taught, and seeking out what a student needs to be taught. This observation ensures that academic instruction is relevant, leading toward improved grades, increased confidence, and lower stress.   

Writing Instruction For Standardized Tests

Writing Standardized Test Prep requires that instructors understand the relationship between what students have been taught, what they remember, what they have mastered, and how all of this information is aligned to the upcoming test, whether the SAT, ACT, a Subject Test, or an AP Exam. Novella Prep Instructors are subject matter experts who create individual education plans to achieve specific goals. The key to higher scores on any standardized test is to master the content, that is, to know what is being asked of the student, in what format, and toward what purpose. Easy to say, and hard to do. That is why we are here. We bring decades of experience with an approach that monitors student growth over time to ensure that instruction works. Our approach is proven to work.   

You Came To The "Write" Place

Novella Prep English Instructors are published writers and trained English teachers. We love to write, and our passion for the subject and language flows into our approach. 

Every student in the Novella Prep family has the opportunity to improve his or her writing, a skill essential for academic success, as well as future careers which involve networking, relationship building, and knowing one's voice. We help students find and amplify that voice with clear and precise writing instruction.   

Writing For Math, Writing For Science

Beyond the humanities, all students are required to take standardized tests at some point, all of which have sections focused on reasoning, reading, and sometimes, writing. We at Novella Prep believe that writing is a fundamental skill that prepares all students for the classroom, for standardized testing, and for college and career.