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SAT Test Planning

SAT Prep requires careful planning, and a longer term approach than many parents and students often consider. Because these college admission tests like SAT are a summative assessment of a student's skills, the more those skills are refined, the better. Why wait until the score to know where to focus? Work with our Novella Prep experts to determine how to focus, and when. Plan early, stress less.

SAT Test Prep

Our programs are based on the fundamentals of the SAT. We break down the building blocks of these tests and build on mastering content like math and reasoning in ways that are familiar to students. 

SAT Test One-on-one Tutoring

Why study a completely separate and disconnected program as opposed to a holistic approach that integrates classwork into test prep? Our private one-on-one classes ensure your son or daughter receives individualized instruction that we track over time to ensure improvement.