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Expert College Advisors

We are expert college advisors in Chappaqua, NY who possess admissions experience at leading universities which ensures the guidance is accurate, relevant, and helpful beyond the essay.  Our programs focus on the fundamentals, first. A college search requires a plan that uncovers skill and talent in particular fields for which the best-fit colleges and universities are identified.

Private college admissions advisors can’t promise secret access or backdoor channels, but college planning with experts experienced in Admissions and higher education can ensure your child finds the optimal college.

Our Approach

College Planning requires long-term planning and ongoing action. The application itself is part of the plan, not the starting line.

Our approach is holistic, using the development of the college portfolio as a way of teaching critical skills to be successful in college and career. We integrate academic advising and study skill principles alongside our standardized test planning regime so that you are not surprised, miss opportunities, and feel more knowledgeable along the way.

We include college planning through August of the junior year for students in Chappaqua, NY.  We find this approach to be effective and well-valued by the families we serve. In September of Senior year, we offer an application program.

We Answer Your Questions

  • How does a college major relate to future employment?
  • What should students do in each grade to prepare for college?
  • Should my son or daughter get an A in an easier class or B in a harder class?
  • How is academic planning different from college planning?
  • What should students do in the summer?
  • How many extracurricular activities should students choose?

These are questions that should be asked as part of a student’s high school path. We always maintain a long-term vision while being there with you and your student to think about course selection, improve writing skills, identify tutoring needs, student-teacher relations, and how to make the most of middle or high school to set a firm foundation for having as many relevant opportunities as possible. After all, choice requires knowledge. By working with Novella Prep, your student will have the ability to excel, plan, and focus on being a student without worry.


Where do we serve?

We provide college planning to families in Mamaroneck, Rye, Greenwich, Bronxville, Chappaqua and beyond within Westchester and Fairfield counties. We also provide in-home tutoring and advising. We work to ensure the experience is as effective and convenient as possible.
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