Our study skills program holistically evaluate and provide lasting skills for students of all achievement levels so they are more efficient, effective, and higher performing.

Study Skills

Academic Excellence

Novella Prep believes Study Skills are the bedrock of any success in academics for students of all achievement levels. Just as an athlete must be in optimal cardiovascular shape before honing specific skills, so to must all students ensure they are in their best academic shape to make the most of any tutoring, whether academic or test prep.

To achieve the best grades, highest test scores, and become the best student one can be, study skills is the foundation for this success. Our focus on Retention, Relationships, and Responsibility addresses core factors that influence student achievement:

  • Motivation
  • Focus
  • Goal-setting
  • Personal agency
  • Rapport
  • Management of competing priorities
  • Teaching the importance of determination

Students who complete our study skills program are forever changed in their ability to mindfully navigate their in-class and extracurricular time, working toward specific goals ranging from participation to grades to teacher rapport. These skills are essential as classes become more difficult, students take on extracurriculars, start standardized test prep, and begin visiting colleges.

How It Works

Because each course is customized to the individual student, contact us [link to contact form] to learn about how we can help your child succeed with their own program starting with our computer based diagnostic and in-person evaluation.

Typically, over the course of four 1-hour meetings in person, students follow Novella Prep’s proven course that starts with a holistic review of the current academic status (transcript, IEP, writing sample, test scores, optional: resume or IEP), followed by instruction around individualized content, later applied to coursework.

After completing the Study Skills program, most students continue with our College Planning programming, which is more achievement-focused in 9th and 10th grade, and college-focused in 11th and of course 12th grade. These programs are designed to continue advancing student abilities to improve grades, perform at their best, and make informed decisions to ultimately have a stronger college application. Learn how Tutoring, Test Prep, and College Planning are logical next steps following Study Skills training to ensure academic success.

Where do we serve?

We provide advising to families in Mamaroneck, Rye, Greenwich, Bronxville, Chappaqua and beyond within Westchester and Fairfield counties. We also provide in-home tutoring and advising. We work to ensure the experience is as effective and convenient as possible.