Holistic Study Skills Instruction = Results

Study Skills Instruction

Study Skills Tutoring

Holistic study skills tutoring requires three main elements: understanding the student's study habits, determining the student's studying environment, and seeking out what changes are necessary to optimize studying. This observation ensures that study skills instruction is relevant, leading toward improved grades, increased confidence, and lower stress. 

What Are Study Skills?

Study Skills are a combination of skills, ranging from executive functioning like time management to learning how to best triage tasks based on academic performance. Novella Prep Instructors apply our proven study journal exercise that is iterative, building week by week to help a student make choices that optimize the time spent after school. 

Input, Output

Parents understand the importance of compound interest when it comes to 401ks, but this concept may often be lost on students as it relates to studying. Before jumping into tutoring, which can sometimes be used as a bandaid that hides longer term behaviors that undermine performance, we strongly recommend going through our study skills program to ensure your son or daughter understand what it takes to succeed.

21st Century Students

With the proliferation of digital technologies like social media, databases, and software, one may think that the 21st century student first master the language of technology. The truth is that the 21st century student must be a master of filtering. Today, students must learn how to filter through massive amounts of information to determine what is real, what is valid, and what can be trusted for informing studying, strategizing, learning, and planning. This skill emphasizes efficiency, time management, and knowing how to use all of this information to which we all have access to study effectively and invest the most important commodity we have: time. Learn how to study with Novella Prep, today. Become the 21st century student, a concept rarely taught and often expected.