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Achievement Through Instruction

When parents call or email seeking academic tutoring, we understand what you would like to see as an outcome: rebuilt confidence in a course, a student getting ahead, a student ready for what’s next. By really understanding the learning style of each individual student and helping them optimize their study habits, our 3 R method (Retention, Relationships, Responsibility) helps ensure we can achieve more with fewer lessons, more profoundly improve grades, and generate lasting results.

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Novella Prep Tutoring:

  • Improves grades
  • Diagnoses areas in need of improvement
  • Identifies patterns in learning
  • Provides insight into better study habits
  • Focuses on individual growth and goals
  • Incorporates Study Skills principles for increased efficiency

How it Works

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Following an initial consultation, we create a curriculum plan by subject and use ongoing diagnostics to ensure lessons are relevant and effective.

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We recommend weekly or bimonthly sessions depending on the goals and what we determine to be most effective.

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Packages are flexible and without long term commitment. However, we suggest taking a longer term view to ensure optimal academic success. Improving grades and test scores take time, and we ensure short term goals are met while planning for longer term improvements.


We believe in process, strategy, and planning, but ultimately results. Results can be higher grades, test scores, and improved skills. Results can also be a new attitude toward learning a positive outlook on pursing one’s goals. A well-tutored student can learn to generate his or her own momentum, and propel themselves forward with more independence and confidence!