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Achievement Through Instruction

When parents call or email seeking academic tutoring, we understand what you would like to see as an outcome: rebuilt confidence in a course, a student getting ahead, a student ready for what’s next. By really understanding the learning style of each individual student and helping them optimize their study habits, our 3 R method (Retention, Relationships, Responsibility) helps ensure we can achieve more with fewer lessons, more profoundly improve grades, and generate lasting results.

Benefits of Novella Prep Tutoring:

  • Improves grades
  • Diagnoses areas in need of improvement
  • Identifies patterns in learning
  • Provides insight into better study habits
  • Focuses on individual growth and goals
  • Incorporates Study Skills principles for increased efficiency

Novella Prep Tutoring

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Following an initial consultation, we create a curriculum plan by subject and use ongoing diagnostics to ensure lessons are relevant and effective.

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We recommend weekly or bimonthly sessions depending on the goals and what we determine to be most effective.

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Packages are flexible and without long term commitment. However, we suggest taking a longer term view to ensure optimal academic success. Improving grades and test scores take time, and we ensure short term goals are met while planning for longer term improvements.