College Applications

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College Applications


The application is actually the starting line and finish line for applying to college. A daunting task, the application process can be managed effectively when well organized, and can actually help the student prepare for college! Getting in is the start, but getting through is also so critically important. At Novella Prep, we use the application process as a way of helping the student refine his or her interests, understand the choice they are about to make, determine how career, vocation, and major intersect, and guide the application, essay, and visits to maximize potential.

Common Application

We are well-versed in understanding the Common Application and know how to help organize this process for Common App schools as well as those who do not use it. With our process, student are able to break down this long-term process into weekly and daily tasks so they are not overwhelmed but also make the most of this experience in pursuing colleges of their choice.

Deadlines and deliverables

The application process requires managing many competing deadlines, requirements, travel, interviews, the essay, recommendations, test scores, and relationship building. Imagine doing this work on top of a rigorous course selection and in this competitive application environment? We strive to focus on breaking down the task into manageable components that allow the student to thrive, reduce stress, and make sure they optimize their college portfolio.

College Applications: Novella Senior (12th Grade)

This option provides guidance to seniors, beginning in September. It is designed to develop the student’s sense of personal agency, accountability, and organization, with a focus on strategy, analysis, data, and goal-setting.

  • Grade of student: 12
  • Email/Phone communication
  • Research
  • Up to 8 in-person meetings
  • Standardized test planning
  • College planning
  • College portfolio advice
  • Interview preparedness
  • College visit facilitation
  • Application support
  • Application essay editing
  • Career planning
  • Financial aid strategizing
  • Post-acceptance guidance