Our 21st century model incorporates the best of academic advising, college planning, and when helpful, tutoring, to create a program that holistically increases the chance of being admitted to the college of his or her choice.

College Planning

College Planning Done Right

At Novella Prep, we believe a strong college application reflects years of mindful planning and thousands of little decisions that, when better informed and guided, reflects the most authentic version of your son or daughter. For the student, their job is to live day to day with focus and determination, mindful of longer term goals like college and career. Our programming balances academic advising (which classes, how to get the best grades, what matters to colleges) with college planning (which tests, requirements for admission, visits, essay, financial aid, and the application. To get the best results, we have found that starting earlier allows for grade appropriate measure that build toward a well-organized and prepared high school senior.

College Planning Programs

  • Novella 9: For 9th graders, this program focuses on course sequencing, academic performance, study skills, personal agency, rapport with teachers, quarterly goal setting, writing skills, fundamental math and reading skills. Parents are able to learn about which factors during 9th grade can help strengthen a college application later, beyond of course supporting the student’s ability to excel and achieve more. This program includes meetings in person or online, communication via telephone, text, and email, and documentation review. Contact us to learn more.
  • Novella 10: For 10th graders, this program builds on the 9th grade program with most of the same features, but now incorporates three new important factors: standardized test scores vis a vis the PSAT, vocation cultivation to help illuminate possible talents that relate to potential careers, which will help later with the third component this year: college portfolio development. Students begin to have an advanced understanding of how college major affects the college list.
  • Novella 11: For 11th graders, this program balances academic advising and college planning. Simultaneous focus will be placed on optimizing grades, planning for standardized tests, and creating milestones with college visits, college portfolio development, and the application. As students become increasingly strong academically, more focus can be placed on the strategy of admission.
  • Novella 12: For 12th graders, this program balances finalizing applications, including interviews and final visits, with ongoing academic advising to ensure optimal grades. Student who have taken Novella 11 will have completed major components of the application as well as the essay and supplements prior to the school year, so more focus is placed on the interviews and applying before deadlines.

We Answer Your Questions

  • How does a college major relate to future employment?
  • What should students do in each grade to prepare for college?
  • Should my son or daughter get an A in an easier class or B in a harder class?
  • How is academic planning different from college planning?
  • What should students do in the summer?
  • How many extracurricular activities should students choose?

These are questions that should be asked as part of a student’s high school path. We always maintain a long-term vision while being there with you and your student to think about course selection, improve writing skills, identify tutoring needs, student-teacher relations, and how to make the most of middle or high school to set a firm foundation for having as many relevant opportunities as possible. After all, choice requires knowledge. By working with Novella Prep, your student will have the ability to excel, plan, and focus on being a student without worry.

Where do we serve?

We provide college planning to families in Mamaroneck, Rye, Greenwich, Bronxville, Chappaqua and beyond within Westchester and Fairfield counties. We also provide in-home tutoring and advising. We work to ensure the experience is as effective and convenient as possible.
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