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College Planning

College Planning Done Right

A strong college application reflects years of mindful planning and thousands of little decisions that, when better informed and guided, reflects the most authentic version of your son or daughter. For the student, their job is to live day to day with focus and determination, mindful of longer term goals like college and career. Our programming balances academic advising (which classes, how to get the best grades, what matters to colleges) with college planning (which tests, requirements for admission, visits, essay, financial aid, and the application). To get the best results, we have found that starting earlier allows for grade appropriate measures that build toward a well-organized and prepared high school senior.

Benefits of Novella Prep College Planning:

  • Increases potential for most select, best-fitting college
  • Optimal course selection
  • Vocation cultivation
  • Comprehensive preparation for college application
  • Builds relationships with teachers and counselors
  • Standardized test selection and preparation
  • Knowing essential milestones at the right grade