Novella Prep’s 21st century education model motivates and teaches students to achieve their academic potential by improving grades, increasing test scores, and getting into the best colleges through proven holistic methods.

Founder's Biography:

F. Tony Di Giacomo, Ph.D.

Novella Prep brings relevant experience to your student. Novella Prep motivates students to discover their unique path through unmatched tutoring, college planning, and academic advising. With over 15 years experience working in admissions, development, teaching, researching, and counseling, Novella Prep founder, and CEO Dr. Di Giacomo brings a depth of relevant knowledge to families in the Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT areas.

Early in his career, Dr. Di Giacomo pursued education-focused degrees and held positions exclusively in the education sector. At Boston University, Dr. Di Giacomo majored in Secondary English Education where he was trained in teaching and mastered the domain of English.  Concurrent with his doctoral degree, he worked for an education consulting company founded by a former U.S. Secretary of Education. Dr. Di Giacomo then worked at the College Board, a non-profit that owns and operates, the PSAT, SAT, and Advanced Placement (AP), where he broadened his network in the higher education community. He met and collaborated with most university and college admissions directors and staff, and gained insights into the ever-evolving admissions field. He focused his recent work in the Research Department at the College Board, where he led and managed research on the SAT, PSAT, AP, and other programs.

Dr. Di Giacomo then founded Novella Prep to meet the holistic needs of students by applying his education expertise to the unique needs of each student.

Following his undergraduate degree, Dr. Di Giacomo obtained a masters degree (M.Ed) in Policy, Planning, & Administration where he learned about the intersection of the classroom with leadership and policymaking. Throughout his undergraduate degree and following his masters degree, Dr. Di Giacomo worked for the Boston University Office of Undergraduate Admissions in a number of key roles, where he gained a unique insight into the operations of the admissions program. Following this experience, Dr. Di Giacomo worked for the University of Virginia supporting their growth initiatives and working directly with students.

These experiences prepared Dr. Di Giacomo for his Ph.D. in International Education Policy at the University of Maryland, where he studied comparative and international education as a foundation for supporting U.S. and international education reform efforts and has presented at numerous conferences in addition to publishing in peer-reviewed journals. This connected what Dr. Di Giacomo learned as a trained teacher to a broader context, which provided him with specialized insights into the whole education system, and provided him with the ability to work with students from many different cultures, backgrounds, and learning needs.